5 Steps to Find the Right CMS Product

Choosing a new or different course management system (CMS) can be a difficult and daunting task. With so many CMS products out there and even more available features, how do you know which one to choose? WCET is a great distance education resource that provides independent CMS reviews and comparisons through EduTools. Included in EduTools is the Decision Engine (DE), “a rational decision-making process to assist in selecting a course management system.” We compared several CMS products through the DE to show you how easy it is to decide which CMS is right for your class or institution.

Update: WCET informed us that the EduTools site is no longer being maintained. However, it is still up and can provide some useful information. 

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Prevent low test scores

By Laura Yaun

Studies have shown that anxiety and depression compete with the working memory in the brain. Expressive writing has been proven to help depressed and traumatized people overcome emotional worries that take up the working memory space of their brains. Students who are given the opportunity to write about their worries, test related or not, before an exam, achieve higher grades.

In addition to writing away your worries, below are…

15 simple, but often forgotten about, ways to help students test successfully

1.Review materials after each class when it is still fresh in your mind. Study throughout the course. Cramming the night before is not enough time for your brain to retain all of the information that you need. Studying for two hours at a time, completely concentrated is more conducive than studying for eight hours straight.

2.Practicing problems, rereading materials, rewriting your notes, and drawing pictures or graphs will help burn the information into your mind.

3.Read aloud or teach what you’ve learned to a friend or family member. Talking about it helps you understand it even better. Also, they may ask a question that you can’t answer, so you would know what to brush up on.

4.Review studied material when you wake and right before sleep. When you sleep, your brain will process what you have just learned. When you wake, your brain is fresh and more susceptible to new information.

5.Sleep well the night before an exam so your brain is functioning optimally.

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