DoD provides distance learning

By Laura Yaun, Hands-on Labs, Inc.

In March of 2011, The Department of Defense put into effect DANTES Mission. The Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support says it all in its name. It was designed “to support off-duty, voluntary education programs of the Department of Defense and to conduct special projects and development activities in support of education-related functions of the Department.”

DANTES provides free information and assistance in every way, making it easy for people in the Service, or their family members, wanting to obtain post-secondary education to achieve their goals.

Counselor support programs help the transition into civilian life much easier. DISCOVER is an online planning program that participating education institutions can access through CAGIS (Computer Assisted Guidance Information System.)
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Distance Learning is Proven to be Efficient and Popular

By Laura Yaun

Obtaining a college degree is becoming more convenient and affordable through distance learning. Work and family schedules may not always permit a person seeking higher education to start or finish their college degree program. Distance learning allows the student to do their coursework online, on their own time, and help them reach their goals.
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On the Road with Online Science

By: Brianna Horvat, Hands-on Labs Inc.

Hands-On Labs (HOL) invited California and Ohio educators out of their offices to talk online science over lunch or evening cocktails. CEO and Co-founder, Linda Jeschofnig, teamed up with HOL’s National Accounts Manager, Naomi Buckta, and Colorado Community College-Online’s Microbiology Professor, Cynthia Alonzo. These events provided opportunities to meet educators and answer their questions in a small group setting.
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What’s on your mind about Earth Science?

During last month’s webinar about our new Earth Science LabPaq, we received important questions from participants.  We thought it would be helpful to run some of them in case they are also on your mind.

I will take your informative information to our department for consideration as we re-design our Geology curriculum.  Can I use the Earth Science LabPaq in a hybrid format where every other week is online with LabPaq and then alternating it with in-class labs identifying rocks?

Yes, one of LabPaq’s features is its versatility in allowing instructors to teach online, on campus, or in a hybrid format.  Additionally, the materials used in the Earth Science LabPaq were designed for ease of travel.  They allow students to easily perform outdoor experiments while allowing educators to effortlessly incorporate them into a hybrid course format.

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